minds drip
i love plants and hate myself

"i wanna talk about how the hallway looks when you’re drunk at 2am all
yellow light and never-ending carpet
I wanna talk about this boy I met in college with an army buzz cut
and runner’s legs and
a big dumb heart like changing into warm clothes after the rain
and I wanna talk about home
about winding roads in his head and open doors in his chest and the
yellow light of a window in the dark
yellow light of the lamp your mother left on for when you come back
yellow light of the hallway
of my freshman dorm
and a boy I know sitting in the lounge probably singing
maybe pulling teeth
definitely smiling
certainly home"

(Source: porn4smartgirls)

"Things that break:

the ocean.
our hearts.

this is how
gardens grow.
this is how
the sun blossoms.
this is how we
make it home.
this is how we
learn to love."

Pavana पवन (via maza-dohta)