minds drip
i love plants and hate myself

"i tried, i swear to god i did, but the truth is this:
us, and everything it was, just wasn’t enough."

The One Who Gave Up, Flatsound (via idontreallyknowwhattocallthis)


December night—
skin written on skin.
It reads: always.

You run the edge
of my gone world and
we are never afraid of
each other’s

An unparalleled universe
spells itself across our walls.
We cup it in our palms
the way we’d hold every fragile
piece the other one gives.

Everything spills through
the gaps between our fingers
except the beauty
that is left
of a stormed
yet enduring home.


positive spaces, inklustt (via inklustt)


you said take the violin that you hang on your wall stick it under your bed before it crumbles and falls 
just dont open your eyes before counting to ten i can hardly remember, just the smell of your hands 
as they danced on my body, running over my pores with the force of steering wheel crushing my bones 
i said you smell like the devil but you feel like the lord and when i think of perfection you know i’m thinking of your voice when you tell me you dont call him your baby 
because that was the name that you rightfully gave me and its foolish to share with someone else .
but you admit that you’re lonely, you’re as cold as a statue pleading ‘fuck me’ on the marble that was used to create you i cant stand that you’re talking when you shouldn’t be living 
i didn’t dodge all your bullets i just denied that they hit me so when my body is bleeding i wont admit that this hurts because admitting isn’t fixing so then what is it worth 
so to say you’re unhappy is like saying you’re sorry its nothing that i care to hear .

so now the tears in your jeans are the holes in your armor you’re the thoughts that i feared, you’re the mountain i’ve conquered if i told you i loved you would you reach out and touch me 
you taste like the ocean and your body’s disgusting the only reason you breathe is to sleep through the night 
the only reason you speak is to tell me i’m fine the only reason you breathe is to sleep through the night 
the only reason you speak is to state that you’re mine